Friday, December 17, 2010

A World of Butterflies

Author: Brian Cassie; Photographs by Kjell Sandved
Published by Bulfinch Press 2004

A beautiful book. A perfect coffee table book without the coffee table size.  Measuring  about four and a half by three and a half inches this book is small enough to fit in a car glove compartment or a day-bag, though it is too nice to keep hidden.

Each page opens up to a description on the left page accompanied by a high-quality photograph on the right.

Robert Michael Pyle points out in the forward that butterflies may be found on every continent except antarctica and while tiny and very limited in their habitat, butterflies are easy to see and observe up close.

Species from all over the world may be found among Cassie & Sandved's pages from the orange and black Arctic Skipper to Southern Europe's striking Adonis Blue.

The pages are arranged by geographical area. Since the range of many butterflies overlaps several geographical area, this setup does not make for easy identification usage. (I tend to just flip through the book until I see something familiar if I am actually trying to identify a species.) While I have used the book for identification I think most people who buy this book will buy it because of its beauty - each photograph is suitable for framing - and a chance to learn a little bit about the habits and taxonomy of butterflies in general.

A World of Butterflies is a gorgeous book. It would make a perfect gift for anyone who loves nature or photography.  You can buy this beautiful book at the link below.


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