Thursday, December 16, 2010

The Death Instinct

A review by guest reviewer, Deb

Author: Jed Rubenfeld 
Published by Riverhead Books, 2010.

Detective James Littlemore and Doctor Stratham Younger return in this second book of historical fiction by Jed Rubenfeld. Based around the true life story of the terrorist attack on the financial district in New September 1920...the book takes you from the Sherlock Holmesian adventures of Littlemore and Stratham to the battlefields of World War I, the first medical uses of radium by Marie Curie, the horrific cosmetic uses of radium at the time, and on to Sigmund Freud who is just beginning to recognize the psychological condition known as shell shock. A delightful new character is introduced to the series as a romantic interest for Younger. She exemplifies the modern, capable women of the 1920's and comes into the storyline accompanied by her young brother who will not speak because of a shocking event which happened to him during the war. Rubenfeld writes fascinating historical fiction and should be at the top of the list for anyone who enjoys the genre. The first book in his Littlemore/Stratham series is "The Interpretation of Murder". It is available for sale at Amazon, and "The Death Instinct" is available for pre-order. (I was fortunate to receive an advance preview copy of the book.)
The Death Instinct     

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