Friday, August 12, 2011

All God's Creatures

Author:  Carolyn McSparren
Publisher:  Belle Books
Review written by Kimberly Ledsome

All God's CreaturesAll God's Creatures chronicles the life of Maggie McClain, a female veterinarian whose mother wished for her a southern debutante life. She became a vet after rescuing a small puppy who was clinging to life.  The night she rescued this puppy changed her life forever.  From struggling through veterinarian school in the sixties and being one of only two female students, to marrying, opening her  own practice and dealing with the ups and downs of life in her practice, this book is so inspirational.  The stories about the animals are heartfelt as Maggie stuggles to be accepted by the famous horse breeders and the old toothless farmers.  The stories had me laughing and crying. After losing her husband she tries wholeheartedly to find herself and in the end finds out what she knew all along - who she really is.  A must read!